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TIPS TO Dr. Rumen Bogdanov how to avoid the complications of diabetes mellitus:

Regularly measure your blood glucose levels by keeping your blood glucose levels below 7 mmol / l and 9 mmol / l 2 hours after a meal.
Observe a healthy diet by restricting your intake of carbohydrates and fats.
Maintain your physical activity with walking, gymnastics and sports.
Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water and soft soap without soaking them, and dry your fingers with a soft cloth.
Cut your nails in a straight line and scrub them with a cardboard file. Carefully treat the corners of the nail tiles due to their debilitated blood supply.
Wear socks of natural fabric (cotton or wool), which must be changed every day.
Walk with comfortable shoes tailored to your feet.
Use special insoles to support the vault, soften footsteps and redistribute the load.
Regularly check your legs with a mirror because of their vulnerability to the action of both internal and external factors. If you experience redness, cracking, swelling, sores and sores, immediately consult a specialist doctor.
If you experience an unpleasant sensation, such as tingling, tingling, pain and / or decreased sensitivity on the feet, visit Dr. Rumen Bogdanov’s specialized office for prophylaxis and treatment of diabetic foot.
If you have had a wound and it has been successfully cured, do not discontinue your regular visits to the specialist in the field of postnatal medicine. Typical of people with diabetes is that they are exposed to a constant risk of new wounds, despite previous successful treatments.
Prophylactic examinations and regular self-control guaranteed reduce the risk of complications of diabetes mellitus and diabetes.
Attention! Self-healing poses the risk of serious complications and gangrene development!