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Do not resort to self-healing and do not delay, in Dr. Bogdanov's office you will receive all the care and guidance you need!

Dr.Rumen Bogranov MD

Specialist in postnatal medicine
108, Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., office 321, Sofia, Bulgaria
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In severe cases and after a pre-recorded telephone, Dr. Bogdanov gives consultations and reviews at home in Sofia and throughout the country.
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About Me

"Prophylaxis and treatment of a diabetic foot is the cause I dedicate to 22 years of my life. I will continue to help anyone who needs my treatment, care and human support. I will continue to follow my calling to heal. "


Dr. Rumen Bogdanov is a specialist in the field of postnatal medicine, who is the only specialist in Bulgaria to diagnose, prevent and treat a diabetic foot.

In 1995, Dr. R. Bogdanov graduated from the Medical University in Sofia.

In 1996, in the Diabetes Center "St. Luca ", Sofia, is an open-ended diabetic foot clinic that starts his professional development in the area of ​​the diabetic foot.

In 1998 he specializes in the prevention and treatment of a complicated diabetic foot at King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom.

In 2000 he opened and managed the first and only one in Bulgaria Center for Diabetic Foot Prophylaxis and Treatment, based in Sofia, which runs until 2010.

Since 2000, he has been the only one in Bulgaria to run a specialized diabetes medical center in Bulgaria, which is located in the St. St. Constantine and Helena Hospital. Luca - Diabetes Center ", Sofia. Dr. Bogdanov works in a team with endocrinologist, vascular surgeon, neurologist, dermatologist, orthopedist and dietitian.

Thanks to his acquired qualification abroad and his 22-year experience in the treatment of people with diabetes mellitus all over the country Dr. Bogdanov has developed his own program for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a complicated diabetic foot.

Dr. Bogdanov transforms the idea of ​​the prophylaxis and treatment of a diabetic foot into his personal and professional cause and for years dedicates all his time and effort to the goal of raising the awareness and health culture of the people affected by this modern scourge of humanity. For more than 18 years he has been conducting monthly lectures and trainings for people with diabetes mellitus in diabetes companies all over the country.

In order to keep his professional qualification in line with the current achievements of world medicine, Dr. Bogdanov participates annually in national and international symposia and conferences devoted to the problems of diabetes mellitus and complicated diabetic foot. He maintains a permanent professional exchange with his colleagues from abroad and is interested in the most modern and efficient methods for diabetes prevention and treatment, applied in the countries with long experience in this area, which is neglected by the Bulgarian health system.

Dr. Bogdanov has popularized his experience and knowledge through numerous appearances in electronic internet media. He is a frequent guest in TV discussions, interviews, and publishes articles on diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of the diabetic foot.


Participates in the Fifth Balkan Endocrinology Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece (1996);
Specializes in the prevention and treatment of complicated diabetes (King's College Hospital, London, UK) (1998);
A course for treatment of dermatophyte and yeast diseases organized by the Bulgarian Dermatological Society, Pamporovo, Bulgaria (2000);
Participated in the establishment of the Bulgarian Wound Treatment Association and the organization of its first national conference, Sofia, Bulgaria (2000);
Takes part in the 14th meeting of the European Section of the International Union of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, Cologne, Germany (2001);
Participates in a conference of the European Wound Treatment Association, Glasgow, Scotland (2007);
Participated in a cross-border cooperation project between Bourgas and Lozengrad, Turkey (2008);
Participated in the 39th Meeting of the European Association of Dermatology and Venereology Budapest, Hungary (2009);
Takes part in the Symposium of the Diabetic Stage Study Group, Bratislava, Slovakia (2014);
Visits the 8th Meeting of the Diabetic Staging Group at the European Diabetes Association, Stuttgart, Germany (2016);
Participates in the Training Seminar of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association, Bulgaria (2017)

Member of the Steering Committee of the Diabetes Forum - Sofia Unified Diabetes Association (1999 - 2009);
Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes Stage (2002 - 2010);
Member of the Control Board of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association (BAdiabet) and of the Medical Affairs Committee (from 2012 until today);
Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association for Wound Treatment (2001 - 2002);
Consultant at Center for Prosthesis, Hospital "Tokuda Hospital Sofia" (2010-2017);
Regular participant in meetings of the Diabetic Stage Study Group of the European Diabetes Association (2004 to date);


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