ДКЦ "Неоклиник", ул. Петко Ю. Тодоров 20, 1408, ж.к. Стрелбище, София, България


“Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition of high social importance – more than 500,000 people are currently diagnosed in Bulgaria and 300,000 do not know they have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. This is a huge community of people who are potentially threatened by the development of severe and irreversible complications.

Diabetic foot is a complication that in practice endangers all people with diabetes mellitus but, unfortunately, is often downplayed and neglected by both professionals and patients themselves.

My many years of experience and experience as a diabetes specialist suggest that efforts should be directed primarily at preventing and enhancing the health culture of people with diabetes mellitus. My specialized diabetes room, located in Sofia, is just one of the ways to work in this direction. In order to be useful to more people and despite the politics of healthcare institutions, political affiliations and the interests of pharmaceutical companies, I have been traveling around the country for 20 years, visiting patient organizations and associations of people with diabetes mellitus, consulting and doing group and individual trainings, related to personal care of the feet. At these meetings I inform people about all the novelties in the prevention and treatment of the diabetic foot. When necessary, I consult and treat difficult-to-elderly people in health care homes. Over the years, I have helped and continue to help unreservedly anyone who has sought my help.

It is important for people with diabetes to know that the skin of their legs is the mirror of their body and that even the smallest disturbances in the integrity of the skin (tears, cracks, corns, wounds) can lead to irreversible consequences if they are underestimated. On the other hand, every person should be aware that the quality of treatment is the result not only of the physician’s empathy and competence, but also of the trust that he approaches. We, professionals and people with diabetes, need to be equally committed to health care. Life with diabetes can be fulfilled. Timely and proper leg care, prophylactic examinations and adequate treatment are the right way to prevent complications. ”

The only place in the country where patients can receive specialized medical help related to the development of the most serious complication of diabetes – the diabetic foot, is the Cabinet led by Dr. Rumen Bogdanov “Diabetic Foot”, Sofia.